Facts about cats you may never know

Cats are cute animals that many houses like to feed the most, because in addition to the habit of being snouns, It’s a love of freedom that doesn’t take care of it all the time. It makes it a very simple animal, but in addition to its cute, naughty cuteness, you know something about your kittens.

Today, CatClever.com, let’s gather the facts about cats you may not know about, so you know more about the kittens in your mandate.

facts about cats

Cats are carnivores, the same as tigers, lions, leopards.

Female cats have 3-7 litter and are pregnant every 4 months.

You can read the cat’s emotions from its eyes.

Cat food always requires fat mixed. Because cats can’t create fat on their own.

The cat responds to the name that ends with the best “yi” sound, such as Judy Mackie.

The kitten will be with his mother until the age of 9 weeks.

The cat mother will be pregnant for 58-65 days.

Cats that are escorted from the house far will find their own way home. But if the owner leaves the house far away, it won’t be able to find the owner.

The cat can jump seven times higher than it.

Many cats can’t eat cow’s milk or dairy products on the market.

10% of cat bones on the tail

Cats take 5 hours or more to lick their hairs each day.

Cats can make up to 60 different sounds.

Male cats begin to breed from the age of 7-10 months.

The cat has 30 teeth: 12 front teeth, 10 little molars, 4 fangs, and four molars.

Cats are shady animals, they sleep up to 16-18 hours a day.

Cats are more friendly to women than men.

The cat has lived for up to 20 years, but on average it has a life expectancy of just 14 years.

A cat with feathers and white skin on the ears. Prone to skin inflammation due to sunburn.

Cat breathes 20-40 times per minute

Cats use more than 500 bundles of muscles to jump.

Cats can’t see things beneath the nose directly.

The cat has 2 layers of feathers, soft layer hair, glossy outer layer hair.