Know the nature of the cat

Cats are said to be elusive animals, so many people give cats a super indie creature, but in fact, cats may not be as elusive as we think. Just that we may not even know him the way he is, let’s see what’s the difference between the cat and the human being that we can’t imagine, and now we’ll understand nature and take care of the cat the way he is.

Cats are carnivores

Humans and dogs are natural, and they are considered animals that feed on both plants and animals. But for their cat siblings, they are carnivorous animals, which means that the cat’s body needs essential nutrients that come from meat every day for living, especially the Toonamino acid, which is not found in plant food, so giving cats a specific herb, plant food can result in the fact that cats do not receive this type of amino acid and have a blind chance. Heart disease and reproductive problems are not strong.

Cats have predator instincts

Predatory behavior has been conveyed thousands of years from african wild cat ancestors, so today’s cats are also behaving like catching small animals such as rats, birds, lizards, and showing off us often, even though we have adequately fed.

The cat does not know the sweet taste

The cat has just 500 units of flavored glands, 18 times less than humans like us, and can’t get sweet. While cats can smell better than us, there are about 60-65 million units of smell, 12 times more than humans like us, which makes us use sensory to choose to eat different foods. The smell of food affects the deliciousness of the cat, rather than the taste.

Cats are not social animals

In general, cats are reclusive animals. Don’t like sharing food for each other. If you feed several cats in the house and arrange a corner of food together, or feed in a bowl, you may experience a cat’s problem of food or eating a lot, as he is not a social animal.

The cat sleeps a lot

For cats, sleeping is a period when the body balances the temperature, as the cat can’t cool the sweat like our people. By nature, the cat spends most of his time sleeping. Up to 15 – 20 hours a day

Cats have a digestive tract weaker than humans

Dogs and cats tend to experience digestive problems, such as liquid or vomiting easier than humans. Especially when changing new recipes or eating a lot of food, that’s because the cat’s dog has less digestive capacity than humans.