Why cats like bites?

Even if it’s a cute cat, it’s still left with some cat behavior that might be nervous for the owner. One of them is a cat habit like biting. Is this kind of habit dangerous? How do cat owners like us deal with cat-bite problems? We have tips on how to deal with this kind of cat behavior.

Why cats like bites?

cat bitting humanEach day, cats want to play that responds to predator instincts, whether it’s stalking or burying a little fangs on something (as if they’re great hunters). The cat’s bite is one of the natural instincts that has been attached to the kitten. Start ing yourself from biting with siblings in litter, or playing with a little cat friend, which, when it starts to play more intensely, the cat will learn to stop, rest, or separate if the cat bites another cat too strongly, but when the owner plays with a cat in the same way with hands or feet. The Cats may have underestimated the force they can’t play and may play hard until the owner is injured.

In the event of a cat bite because of aggressive cat behavior, it can be caused by fear, anxiety. Resentment, such as when we rub the cat too strongly or rub it at the point where the cat doesn’t like, makes the cat feel unsafe, it may cause the cat to bite us the same.

In addition, illnesses are also causing cats to bite, especially some diseases that can cause their owners to become infected with diseases and deaths, such as rabies, which have found that infected cats will have changed behavior. Some of them may be so ferocious that they can hurt their owners.

Manage cat-biting problems

We can prevent cat behavior problems that are too hard to play from young cats, playing with cats with cat toys such as cat-falling wood. It’s not our hands and feet as a goal to play, because our hands are for stroking, cuddling, and giving the little cat a fun to bite with crunchy grain dishes designed to be able to floss in.

Try to avoid catching or touching the point where most cats don’t like to prevent cats from biting, such as the underbelly. And if the cat is sick or have changed behavior, take the cat to the veterinarian to detect various disorders and treat it to prevent the dangers of causing our cats and reduce unwanted cat behavior.