Why do cats consume little water?

Many people may wonder why rarely see cats to drink water. Or sometimes eating but very little This will not be harmful to health or not. In fact, how much water should the cat really drink? To solve this question, we will come to solve the mystery of what are the reasons why cats do not eat water and drink little water. Including simple basic solutions

1. Cats are animals that consume water naturally

It is believed that cat ancestors were born in arid lands in the desert. Therefore causing cats to eat less water because it is restricted by the environment Although the time has now passed, but the traits still carry the cat anyway. Causing most cats to still drink less water automatically However, veterinarians have analyzed that cats should receive about 44-66 milliliters of water per 1 kilogram of body weight. If cats consume too little water, it can increase the risk of kidney disease, gallstones and urinary tract diseases.

cat dringking water

2. Unclean water

The reason that cats eat less water or refuse to drink water may be because the water we provide is unclean or contaminated. Check that the water provided by the cat does not have sediment and does not smell that he does not like. Including should not leave the water for too long By changing the water frequently for 2-3 hours at a time will stimulate the cat to consume more water. Or if the weather is hot Cats like to drink water that is slightly cooler than warm water or water at room temperature.

3. The location of the bowl is not suitable

The position of the bowl to put water should be placed away from the cat litter box. Because waste and odor on the litter box may be contaminated into the water, causing the cat not to eat water in that bowl. Also, it should not be placed near food because cats do not like the food to splash into the water or the food smells water mixed. The bowl should be put in water in a quiet area that is not crowded or frequently passed by. Including should be in an area that cats easily access Putting a bowl of water on a different floor or area where the cat is in will make him feel difficult to drink and prevent the cat from drinking.

4. The nature of the container and the method of irrigation is not pleasing to the cat

Each cat has a unique habit. Some cats may not like to eat water from the bowl, but they prefer to eat water from the cat fountain. So find a way to encourage cats to eat more water, such as try to get cats to eat water from cat fountains, or eat water from taps to add novelty, or try changing water containers in different ways that make them more attractive. In general, cats often don’t like a bowl of deep and narrow water, because when they bend down to eat water, the tentacles are attached to the edge of the container, making it uncomfortable for the cat to not eat water. Therefore, it is better to choose a bowl of flat water, wide and relatively shallow, making it easier for the cat to eat water.

But in the end, if you do, you’ll find that the cat won’t eat more water anyway. We recommend a simple way that allows him to get enough water each day: wet feeding. In wet food, there is a lot of water, making it possible when the cat eats in and then gets water.